ENATA is born from the passion of applying high-tech engineering and innovation to sailing, flying, infrastructure and more. Through our different divisions, the ENATA Group aims to be a global technology leader, providing state of the art solutions.

From highly advanced drones to performance boats and cutting-edge architectural techniques, innovation and creation are at the heart of every department.

The ENATA Group has brought together experts from each industry to offer the best products and solutions to its clients. Acting as a global group, our divisions are located under the same roof, allowing a dynamic collaboration and exchange of information, enabling our team to offer the most advanced products in their respective sectors.

About Us

The ENATA Group is an advanced technologies manufacturing group based in the UAE, that specialises in high-end performance and innovative products in the aerospace, marine, industrial, and automotive sectors. We stand by our 3 main techniques.

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ENATA Group headquarters are located in the United Arab Emirates, France, Switzerland and Singapore.

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Our R&D team is continuously researching new applied technologies, keeping up to date with the latest discoveries through our relationships with think tanks and universities around the world.

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From the raw materials to the final products, every step of the production line goes through stringent quality checking.