ENATA Motors is the newest addition to the ENATA Group. Bringing its knowledge from the aerospace industry and focusing on everything automotive with a speciality in carbon fiber, ENATA motors starts with its full carbon fiber wheels, ENATA Wheels.

Being 50% lighter than regular wheels, these offer greater acceleration, breaking, handling, steering feel, and increased range, especially with Evs. ENATA Motors also manufactures body-kits for other companies under their own brand.


With the weight of an average cast aluminum wheel being 15kg, and a forged aluminum wheel at 12kg, ENATA Wheel’s ECW – 001 comes at close to 50% less weight of a cast aluminum wheel, at 7.85kg.

Wheels have unsprung mass, also knows as rotating mass, which has a much greater impact on a car s dynamics than your standard sprung mass, such as the weight of the chassis, panels, or seats. The effect can be as great as 4 times the weight, which is why reducing unsprung mass can have a very large impact. Having wheels which are 7.5kg lighter, is the equivalent of removing 120 kgs of weight from a car.

Reducing the wheel weight makes it easier for the wheel to accelerate, slow down, keep in contact with the road, and even turn due to the gyroscopic effect. All this combined gives you greater acceleration, shorter breaking distance, and improved handling, allowing you to shed those precious around the track.

Performance isn’t the only advantage to having carbon wheels. As they need less energy to get going, and reduce the weight of the car, carbon wheels will increase the range you have, especially with Electric Vehicles.