About Us


Established in 2016, our headquarters are a 7,000 square meter facility with over 100 experts in engineering, design, R&D, and manufacturing. Guaranteeing our product quality and always pushing the boundaries of innovation, we use several levels of automation from a large 7 axis CNC machines, to robots with a 0.001cm precision, and our in-house built ERP called Factori.es.


Our R&D team is continuously researching new applied technologies, keeping up to date with the latest discoveries through our relationships with think tanks and universities around the world.

We participate in several international research projects, and in past and current America’s Cup campaigns.

This R&D team allows us to design world-class innovative products like the FOILER competition-winning racing boats and world champion drones as well as improving our clients’ products.

We share some of our proprietary simulation tools either via licensing them to other research teams or by making them available online (see hydros.enata.com).


The group shares its resources throughout our different departments: Aerospace, Industries, Marine, and Motors. This allows us to share techniques and resources, as well as have the flexibility and scalability needed for our larger clients.

Vertical integration is also a key element of ENATA. We manufacture the large majority of our products in-house, sometimes relying only on the raw materials. This includes us manufacturing everything from the moulds to landing gear, 3D printed tires, fuel tanks, wiring looms, jet turbines, and even developing our own control systems and softwares. This allows us to provide a quick turnaround, guarantee quality, keep improving our products and our clients products, as well as remain ITAR free.