The majority of our manufacturing is done for our clients as OEM. This includes producing an ENATA product under a different brand, to doing the R&D and manufacturing for a product. Thanks to the groups expertise, knowledge, and shared resources, we can tackle a large variety of products from E-VTOL flying cars, to hydrofoil boats, civilian and professional drones, automotive body-kits, wheels, and even electric foil boards and kite foiling equipment.

The majority of ENATA’s product manufacturing is done in-house. This includes everything from design, R&D, moulds, parts, to testing, manufacturing, and finishing.

Apart from some very specific parts such as hydraulic pumps, Toyota engines, and screens, we only import the raw materials such as carbon, metals, and resin. This also allows us to have scalability for our products when necessary.

This vertical integration is coupled with our shared resources and expertise throughout the group, allowing us to do constant R&D and provide our clients with the best quality, as well as staying ITAR free on all our professional products.