Kite Pro Series Xa/r

11m² ($2,690)

The Pro Series Xa/r is our range of premium eXtreme Aspect Ratio Kites. They have been designed with a single goal in mind: to provide the best performance for racers.

At ENATA, we understand that the pros expect maximum performance and efficiency with the highest stability. Our kites are the most aerodynamic efficient kite with the highest lift to drag ratio on the market. To achieve this, ENATA designers used fluid dynamics simulations and optimisations and conducted long testing campaigns with our team of professional riders to refine the design and the settings of the kite.
(Kite bar and lines are sold separately.)


  • Built for high-speed racing
  • High cell density for high aspect ratio
  • Optimised inlets
  • Turbo features for high performance in both up and downwind
  • Specialised fabric allows for easy recovery from the water


As with all of the ENATA Kite Pro Series products, the Xa/r is definitely a kite for the racing addict! These kites are the culmination of a team effort between designers, engineers and team riders, inspired and created using cutting-edge technologies.


High cell density

  • The Xa/r is the only one on the market with 67 cells (for options of 11m² and above).
  • This allows a very high aspect ratio while retaining sufficient structural rigidity.
  • The aspect ratio of the 9m² is 7.25, and reached 7.7 for 21m².

Optimized inlets

The inlets position has been optimised to deliver a higher pressure than conventional kites. This contributes to the high rigidity of the kite, necessary for such extreme aspect ratios, delivering the performance the professional racer is looking for.


Pulling the bar on the downwind during the last 5cm starts a Turbo that provides better power for the downwind. This is also a better and faster setting for the upwind.


ENATA Kite Pro Series Xa/r lines are made from Marlow race sk99 Dyneema kiteline, offering zero stretch, high abrasion resistance and durability.
The lines are colour coordinated for port and starboard to match the ENATA carbon kite bar.

Choose the optimal length of our low drag flying lines for your favourite kite size.

Kite size (m)Line Length (m)
21 m17 m
19 m15 m
15 m12 m
13 m11 m
11 m11 m
9 m11 m


The ENATA R&D department has tested various materials and use the VSF2 fabrics for the Xa/r kites. We believe this fabric provides the best performance, especially in the high wind ranges.
The VSF2 fabric improves the waterproofness of the wing which gives a huge advantage when the kite is in the water. This feature allows you to get back in the race quickly after a crash.