Kite Pro Series

11m² ($2,190)

For racers and amateurs alike, the ENATA Pro Series is a high-performing kite that is still easy to use. With all the high-tech features of a racing kite, this range aims to help more riders discover kite foiling with an easy-to-use kite that still offers great performance and uncompromising quality. (Kite bar and lines are sold separately.)


  • Easy to use and perfect for beginners and pros alike
  • 5th line for safety
  • Optimised inlets
  • Turbo features for high performance in both up and downwind
  • Specialised fabric allows for easy recovery from the water


As with all of the ENATA Kite Pro Series products, it is built with attention to detail and composed of 49 cells and inlets position-optimised for a higher pressure that provides better control and shape.



Pulling the bar on the downwind during the last 5cm starts a Turbo that provides better power for the downwind. This is also a better and faster setting for the upwind.

Speed system

ENATA Kite Pro Series features one of the lightest speed systems on the market, offering the best reaction in the bar and longer flight time.


ENATA Kite Pro Series X a/r lines are made from Marlow race sk99 Dyneema kiteline, offering zero stretch, high abrasion resistance and durability.
The lines are colour coordinated for port and starboard to match the ENATA carbon kitebar.

Choose the optimal length of our low drag flying lines for your favourite kite size.

Kite size (m)Line Length (m)
21 m17 m
19 m15 m
15 m12 m
13 m11 m
11 m11 m
9 m11 m

5th line for safety

ENATA Pro Series places an emphasis on the 5th line for safety. If you pull this on this line, the kite will completely depower on the ground.

Easy take off in the water

The design was engineered to provide a better relaunch in the water.