F-8 1/7 Crusader ultra scale cockpit

This is the hyper scale 3D printed cockpit for our 1/7 Crusader.
This cockpit is entirely 3D printed and comes assembled and painted with scale stickers and instruments.
The cockpit was entirely CAD designed in house from the original Vought Aircraft blueprints and many pictures taken from the Pensacola Museum.

The kit comprises of:

  • 1 hyperscale Martin Baker MK V ejection seat
  • 1 instrument panel
  • 1 left console
  • 1 right console
  • 1 stick
  • 1 HUD assembly with lens

Cockpit back lighting is available as part of the LED light kit.

The parts are laser printed at 50 micron resolution and hand painted. Aluminum printed scale stickers are applied.