Glider + Mast cover

Protect your gear when on the go.
Our glider and mast covers and cover sets have been crafted from high quality, heavy duty fabric to keep your beloved ENATA combo safe.
Design features include a pocket for screws as well as a velcro strap for easy attachment while your mast is still on the board - yes, we've thought of everything a rider needs!

Product features

  • Heavy duty, high-quality fabric
  • Velcro strap for easy on and off
  • Pockets for safe storage of screws and small parts
  • Designed for ENATA Pro Series glider and mast

Glider Cover

The Glider Cover comes in two separate pieces. A large piece for the front wing, and a smaller one for the back wing. The covers go all around the wind and winglets to give your ENATA glider maximum protection. It being two separate parts also allows you to put on the glider to the mast while it is still being protected by the covers.

Mast Cover

The Mast Cover is essential to keep your ENATA mast in the perfect condition while traveling. Made not only to keep the mast safe, but to be practical as well. A small pocket has been added towards the top of the mast to store the necessary screws so you always have somewhere to keep them. In addition, both the top and bottom of the mast cover can be opened while keeping the cover on. This allows you to keep all the covers on while putting your equipment together, and being able to remove it at the last minute.