Combo Glider+Mast Pro Series

Combo ($350 discount)

Our Championship-winning Combo Glider + Mast is the ultimate in kitefoil racing equipment. The ENATA Combo has been tested both via simulation by a team of hydrodynamics engineers and in the water by the worlds top riders, with the pinnacle of testing in the world series, where ENATA consistently ranks on podiums at races around the globe. The ENATA Combo is the obvious choice for the world‘s top riders and for kitefoil fanatics with a need for speed and control. With its intuitive design, the ENATA Combo provides the lowest drag and consistent lift, while the mast's 110cm height provides a high-heeling angle to get more lift upwind.
With an ENATA Combo, the wind is always with you.


Glider Characteristics:

  • Full Carbon monocoque design
  • Combines rigidity and control in any condition - even low winds
  • Enables top speeds for ultimate racing performance
  • Reliable upwind and downwind performance

Mast Characteristics

  • Full high modulus carbon fibre construction
  • 110 cm hight allows for deeper angles
  • Maximum control with the lowest drag


We know that in competitions every small advantage counts. To achieve maximum performance, the design of the ENATA glider requires precise angles and profiles. In order to always ensure this level of performance, the ENATA glider is constructed as a single piece in a machined press mould, which guarantees design accuracy and permanent reliability of the production.

Like the glider, the mast is made entirely from high modulus Pre-Preg carbon fiber. Engineered with precise fiber orientation, it has been designed to reduce the twist and torsion of the glider and provide better performance and stability. It’s hight of 110cm is the biggest in the industry and allows a deeper angle, enabling the rider to push hard and fly past the competition.



To achieve maximum performance, the design of ENATA's 110cm mast is manufactured in Ultra High modulus Pre-Preg carbon unidirectional fibre and a woven surface layer.

The fibre orientation of each ply layer has been optimised to provide the thinnest possible profile to achieve the required hydrodynamic and mechanical performance. This high-tech construction method reduces the flexion and torsion of the mast. The low deformation provides a high control which allows the rider to push hard on the board. The profile is engineered to be very tolerant and prevent ventilation - even with side waves. Each mast must pass a stringent quality control resistance test before delivery to its new owner.

Our full carbon mast is perfect for deepwater conditions, for easy manoeuvres and ultimate hydrodynamic performance. The mast is designed with the perfect balance between extreme rigidity and just the right degree of flex for riders to have maximum control, low drag and a high tolerance to ventilation.
The 110cm high allows a high-heeling angle to get more lift upwind.
Shaped to cut through the water with the least amount of drag, the tapered cantilever extension has also been raised by 10cm. A calculated move, ENATA masts are taller than competitor models serving a dual purpose.
Made stronger in its expansion, taller masts give riders the advantage of deeper angles, remaining airborne longer and shaving precious time off a rider’s performance in competition.

Front Wing Research and Development Front Wing Final Product


Thanks to years of rigorous R&D and testing, the ENATA glider's front wing offers the highest aspect ratio in the industry.

The downward span of the front wing and winglets have been optimised to reduce high-pressure points, reduce wingtip vortices and reduce the roll effect. These features limit the overall drag and firmly anchor the rider’s path for stability and acceleration on the racing line. The result is greater speed, agility, and control in varying wind conditions.

Developed under a precision manufacturing process for the optimal lift-to-drag ratio, layers of carbon are arranged to respond to extreme force with a particular focus on high-pressure points without having to employ the excess material that only adds to weight.


Positioned in the wake of the front wing, the smaller stabiliser of the foil is perfectly angled in the path of least resistance, deflecting the straight-line trajectory of water off the front wing for the least amount of drag. The stabiliser also sports winglets to complement and reinforce the front wing lift and drag coefficient.

Stabilizer Research and Development Stabilizer Final Product
Fuselage Research and Development Fuselage Final Product


Inspired by advances in aerodynamic technology, the fuselage is optimised to slice through the surf.

Combining advanced technology and structural principles developed by ENATA, the fuselage rectangular shape with its rounded corners provide exceptionally high rigidity. The ideal width and height ratio and tapered edges minimise the surface area for greater glide. No detail too small, the geometry of our fuselage has also been engineered to precision, effectively handling high loads in both directions. It is wider on the high-pressure point between the mast and front wing that bears a third of the lift, so the fuselage is reinforced for extraordinary hydrodynamic pressure and skilled control. Tested with 3D technology and by riders in the field, the fuselage has been strategically angled for water deflection around the wing, more control and blazing top speeds of over 40 knots on the wave.


Théo L’Hostis
Théo L’Hostis
"Enata glider allows me to push really hard with full confidence. Now, the 35 knots is my cruising speed!"
Axel Mazella
Axel Mazella
"With the ENATA Glider I achieve performance and reliability that I were out of reach before. On my best performing days, I have now finished several international regatas with a lead of a full leg."