Carbon Kite Bar

Kite bar

At ENATA, we know that in competitions every second counts. Our race bar is a 600mm full carbon creation made with a need for speed. The clear carbon finish with no padding allows for increased feel and feedback from the kite. The Ronstan sheave blocks and racing clamcleat are just some of the small details that make this bar second to none.

The ends of the bar are painted in red and black to make port and starboard easy to identify during sailing - making quick decisions on race day that much easier.

Product features

  • Full carbon build
  • Marlow Dyneema sk99 lines
  • Colour coordinated for easy identification of port and starboard

The lines are made of Marlow Dyneema sk99 and the sliding splice on the outer lines and their whipped markers allow simple adjustment without any measuring required.

Choose the optimal length of our low drag flying lines for your favourite kite size.

Kite size (m)Line Length (m)
21 m17 m
19 m15 m
15 m12 m
13 m11 m
11 m11 m
9 m11 m