Board Pro Series


The ENATA championship-winning board is one of the flagship products and the board of choice on the pro circuit. The design has been refined and rigorously tested by a team of maritime and aeronautical engineers and professional riders. The board was developed mainly for course race disciplines and offers professionals as well as enthusiastic amateur racers ultimate speed and performance. Using fluid dynamics simulations and optimisations for perfect positions, the board has been designed to be the fastest possible with the least aerodynamic and hydrodynamic drag - while increasing the comfort during wave impact for a fast and stable ride.


  • 100% carbon build
  • Fast and stable ride
  • Anti-slip features
  • High rocker and step to prevent nose diving and allow for easier take-off
  • Rails to seamlessly cut through waves
  • Industry standard deep Tuttle Box
  • Air hole at the back for pressure equalization when traveling

Built to perform

The board is often the most neglected aspect of the kitefoiling package. As with all our products, attention to detail and focus on performance is paramount. With this new board, ENATA is bringing many new innovations that make the board a central part of the overall performance.



The hydrodynamics of a foiling board is very different from those of a regular board. This is why ENATA has treated it as a completely different board. ENATA’s engineering comes into play from the very beginning by allowing an easier take-off even in low winds. From there, the design is focused on minimising hard landings (nose-diving) and is made to pierce through waves.

High rocker: The high rocker helps on landing to ensure that the board does not dive.

Step: The board has a step that ensures that water is not sucked by the board upon take-off and landing by introducing a local bubble that detaches the flow of water from the board. This causes the board to bounce back when it hits the water on a nosedive.
The step also extends to both sides so that when a wave touches the side of the board, it quickly detaches from the board.

Spray rails: The front part of the hull has 2 spray rails that limit the drag when a wave touches the board and also provides a small push.

Rails: The rails have been designed to redirect the spray on the front part of the board, and to cut deftly through the waves without changing the angle of the board.

Wave piercing nose: The nose of the board has been designed to provide a high wave-piercing capability, by quickly detaching the water flow from the board and also protecting the feet and straps that would typically slow down the board while moving through a wave.


The aerodynamics of the board has undergone stringent development and testing processes with computational fluid dynamics simulations and sailing tests.

The design focuses on having a clear flow on the nose of the board that shadows the front foot-strap.


The strength of the board is key to both avoiding losses in the power transmission from the kite to the glider, and also to ensure the most reactive and precise control of the board.

Our boards are 100% carbon built, with additional structure internally to provide additional stiffness and torsional strength for very little extra weight.

No pad deck: We have built the deck to both full carbon and anti-slip. This minimises the weight of the board, improves power transmission, and it is also far more comfortable for the feet.

The board is fitted with an industry-standard deep Tuttle Box, which makes it compatible with any mast which has the deep tuttle head. But we highly recommend it is used with the ENATA mast as both are optimised to work in harmony together, offering the ultimate in speed and performance.