ENATA Marine is the maritime and nautical division of ENATA Industries.

Using cutting-edge technology, the shipyard located in Sharjah offers a wide range of solutions: from cruising catamarans to flying yachts and mega yachts. Specialised in carbon material, ENATA Marine ensures a high quality on every single phase of the production process and is committed to deliver your projects even on a tight schedule.

The main productions of ENATA Marine are:

FOILER: Combining a beautiful design and the latest technologies from the racing world, it is developed to navigate at high-speed while still being secure and stable. Inspired from a dream to create a new way to explore the seas, the Foiler Spirit brings you the technology of the America’s Cup in your private motor yacht. Using ENATA’s expertise, the fully carbon built Foiler Spirit will turn heads and open a new way of exploring the seas.

GTCAT: The GTCat 66 is a ground-breaking new breed of catamaran with a limited number for sale. It has been designed to provide the best high performance sailing sensations whilst being comfortable and easy to handle. A tamed racing catamaran with an ultra-lightweight interior and a high specification, this catamaran is meant to fly a hull in 12 knots of wind, whilst still being easy to handle. It has long slender hulls to minimize the drag and enhance the stability.

CUSTOM: Whether your plan is to build your own yacht, sailboat, commercial, fishing, pleasure, cruising or pilot boat, we are able to give you the best of custom boats. Experts in naval architecture, design, sails, motors will help you to achieve the project of your dreams.