ENATA Industries is an international, diversified, comprehensive equipment industrial group committed to providing quality services globally. The group’s primary businesses include three main areas of R&D and manufacturing: Marine, Aerospace and Architecture.

ENATA is committed to advancing science and innovation in response to one of the world’s most primary challenges by creating long-term sustainable value for its customers.

Through their different divisions, ENATA Industries aims to be a global technology leader, providing state of the art solutions. From highly advanced drones to performance boats and edge of the architecture techniques, the ENATA group has brought together experts from each industries in order to propose the best products to their clients. Acting as a global group, the divisions are located under the same roof, allowing numerous exchanges and proposing the most advanced end products in their respective sectors.

ENATA Industries is headquartered in Dubai, UAE. With more than 100 employees, the production facilities are located in Sharjah, where 7,000 square meter allow them to work in the best conditions. The company is determined to build a world-class enterprise with international competitiveness.

From the sea to the sky, ENATA always delivers.