At the forefront of aviation technology and to international aircraft standards, ENATA’s Aerospace division designs and builds some of the world’s most advanced remote controlled planes, jet models and multicopters.

Catering to both military and civilian hobby crafts, ENATA Aerospace products have won many World competitions. With a proclivity for redefining the conventional, our R&D expert panel employs breakthrough scientific and engineering techniques to conceptualise bespoke aircrafts to client specifications.

Comprising modular carbon fibre bodies and hundreds of gear components crafted from 3D printed and CNC subtractive manufactured pieces, ENATA’s production technique is the first of its kind in the industry today. Months in the making, each craft is repeatedly scrutineered, tested and quality checked through its production lifecycle. Detailed handwritten and data logs are maintained on prototypes for each test flight, tracking chain of error and root cause analysis to validate design, safety regulations and speed performance on crafts that can achieve speeds of 200mph. Entirely customised to each client, our RC models feature Dupont aerospace airbrushed custom livery by a skilled in-house team of aircraft certified artists.

From technology, machinery and raw materials of the highest calibre from around the globe, ENATA Aerospace products are almost entirely built and assembled at our advanced automated manufacturing unit in the UAE to deliver precision and accuracy in flight.

Diamond FTT show flight