About Kites

ENATA Kites is the passion project of a team that thrives on breaking records and inspiring adventurers.
Created with competitive riders in mind, our custom designed, hand-made kites, foils and boards offer enhanced speed and performance both in and out of the wave.
ENATA is where passion meets precision.


Brought to you by ENATA Industries, a multi-disciplinary Marine, Aerospace and Architecture conglomerate; our kite equipment is the perfect combination of years of expertise in aero and hydrodynamics.

Inspired from the Marquesas language and Polynesian motif, ‘enata’ is representative of human figures. A symbol of rich life experiences, deep community and safekeeping, all ENATA products are conceptualised with these principles at its core.

Why Enata Kites Why Enata Kites


Built to break boundaries

Crafted for performance, precision and speed, our kites are a product of many years of groundbreaking research, advanced technology and relentless testing. A display of exceptional performance and streamline design, we bring you the complete package of sail, foil and board.

Leading specialists in their fields employ cutting edge technology and computer simulation at every stage of kites’ planning and build. Each product can take up to three months in the making from concept to completion, perfectly engineered to complement the other.



Successfully introduced at the HydroFoil Pro Tour 2013, ENATA’s sails have been extensively tested and use calculated material and structural techniques for increased durability, stability and aerodynamic flight behaviour. It is one of the most competitive wings in the sport.


Brainchild of the team behind the Hydroptère and America’s Cup vessels, our kites’ foils are built to provide control, low drag and high performance. The mast and single-piece constructed wing, fuselage and stabiliser are build in high modulus prepreg carbon and cooked at high temperature for maximum rigidity.


Built by athletes for athletes, ENATA’s race boards have been optimised and upgraded from years of competition testing at the Foil Gold cup and World Championship. Fabricated from high-density carbon fibre, our boards are designed for stability, greater aerodynamic and maximum VMG.


Our kites’ product line is deeply rooted in its R&D. Our handpicked team is a rare breed of international talent comprising of accomplished engineers and technical advisors who are also world champions in their nautical fields. With an innate understanding of scientific know how and love of the sport, our kites are the product of many years of combined expertise.

Our every product is meticulously designed, engineered and optimised from a technical perspective before being tested by athletes to guarantee performance and structural integrity.

Why Enata Kites Why Enata Kites


Enata is headquartered in Dubai, the ‘city of superlatives’ renowned for its futuristic landscape–from the world’s tallest tower to the largest manmade island. A microcosm of ambition and energy, Dubai welcomes diversity shared by a myriad of cultures, culinary choices, sport, fashion, music and art.

From a small sea trade harbour in the 1800s to the host of World Expo 2020, Dubai constantly reinvents itself; and Enata shares the city’s vision of being an innovative powerhouse in its own right.